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Rainer Holweger – Holy Art

Rainer Holweger is a German pastor and illustrator. He has a passion for Biblical illustrations in a cartoon style. [more...]Rainer Holweger has served as a pastor of the Evangelische Landeskirche in Württemberg, Southern Germany since 2004. Since 2019 he has been responsible for a parish in Gäufelden and youth pastor for his district. He develops his illustrations for teaching children, youth and adult students. He writes: "I am grateful that Jesus Christ called me early in His ministry. Though I used to scribble cartoons as a child, in 1998 I started creating professional illustrations of Biblical scenes for different Christian organisations. Illustration was always more than a hobby to me – I appreciate it as a wonderful (and sometimes humorous) way to spread the Gospel. I was delighted when I discovered FreeBibleimages and I love to be part of this project."