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Abram (Abraham) and Lot separate

Abraham and Lot choose new places in Canaan to live.
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Abram and his nephew Lot, their families, flocks and herds settled in Bethel in Canaan, living alongside the local Canaanite tribes. Abraham had become very wealthy in livestock plus silver and gold. – Slide 1
Lots too had flocks, herds and tents. – Slide 2
But there was not enough pasture for both Abram’s and Lot’s animals to graze. – Slide 3
And there was not enough water for all the animals either. – Slide 4
Quarrels arose between the herdsmen looking after Abram’s and Lot’s animals. – Slide 5
So Abraham said to Lot, ‘Let’s not have any more quarrelling between our herders. The whole land is before us. Let’s part and go our separate ways. If you choose to go to the left, I’ll go to the right – Slide 6
Lot saw that the plain of Jordan (an area around what we now call the Dead Sea) was well watered with good pasture lands. – Slide 7
However, the people living in this area were very disobedient. Two cities in particular, Sodom and Gomorrah, were full of wickedness. But Lot chose this rich, fertile area as the best place for his family to live. – Slide 8
So Lot, his family and his flocks and herds moved off east to live in the plain of Jordan. They pitched their tents near the city of Sodom. – Slide 9
When Lot had gone, the Lord spoke to Abram: ‘Look all around you. All the land you see is for you and your offspring forever. – Slide 10
‘I will make your offspring like the dust, impossible to count. Go and walk through the land for I am giving it to you.’ – Slide 11
Abram moved west of where Lot had settled in an area called Hebron. – Slide 12
He pitched his tent near some large trees. – Slide 13
Then he built an altar to God to worship the Lord in this new place he and his family were living. – Slide 14
Slide 15