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Pictures from Proverbs

Some of the wise sayings of King Solomon.
Contributed by Jack Foster
King Solomon had wisdom given to him by God. He wrote many proverbs which can be found in the book of Proverbs. – Slide 1
Proverbs 6:6-7 <br/>Take a lesson from the ants and be wise. Even though they have no leader, still they work all summer to gather food for the winter. – Slide 2
Proverbs 1:17 <br/>The bird sees a trap and goes the other way. A greedy man sets a trap, then gets caught in it himself. – Slide 3
Proverbs 11:22 <br/>A woman who is beautiful but lacks good sense is like a gold ring in a pig's snout. – Slide 4
Proverbs 17:12 <br/>Trying to rob a mama bear of her cubs is safer than confronting a fool caught in his own folly. – Slide 5
Proverbs 26:17 <br/>Yanking a dog's ears is as foolish as interfering in someone else's argument. – Slide 6
Proverbs 24:16 <br/>A Godly man may trip 7 times, but he always gets up. Just one trip-up and the ungodly man is down and out. – Slide 7
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