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Jesus, Mary and Simon the Pharisee

Mary anoints the feet of Jesus.
This story is about Jesus who loves people so much that He was willing to die on the cross to pay the penalty for their sin. It is also about Mary who knew she needed God’s forgiveness and a proud Pharisee called Simon who thought he was good enough not to need forgiveness. – Slide 1
When Jesus was travelling through the city of Nain he raised a young man from the dead and presented him back to his mother. <br/>Many people saw Jesus do this miracle. Word quickly spread that Jesus was sent by God! – Slide 2
Soon after, Jesus was invited to eat at the home of a Pharisee named Simon. As they reclined at the table a very sinful woman entered the room with an alabaster vial of perfume. <br/>She knew Jesus was the Son of God so she came to Him for forgiveness. Her name was Mary. – Slide 3
Mary knelt at the feet of Jesus. Weeping, she wet His feet with her tears and kept wiping them with the hair of her head. <br/>Mary kissed the feet of Jesus and anointed them with perfume. – Slide 4
Simon began to judge the woman and the Lord Jesus Christ. He thought to himself, <br/>‘If this man were a prophet he would know this woman is a sinner.’ Simon didn’t think Jesus should let such a woman touch Him. – Slide 5
Because Jesus is God, He knew exactly what Simon was thinking! <br/>Simon had done nothing to show love for Jesus or faith in Him as the Son of God. <br/>But Mary, had knelt at His feet in repentance, love and faith. Jesus said to Simon, ‘She loves much, because she has been forgiven much.’ – Slide 6
Jesus looked at Mary with compassion in His heart and said, ‘Your sins havebeen forgiven.’ <br/>Mary knew she was a sinner and needed forgiveness from the One true and living God of the Bible, The Lord Jesus Christ.<br/>Jesus spoke again and said, ‘Your faith has saved you, go in peace!’ – Slide 7
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