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Samson and Delilah

The Philistines find the secret of Samson's strength.
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After this, Samson fell in love with another very beautiful Philistine woman named Delilah. The Philistine rulers, who hated Samson for all he had done to them, went to Delilah and promised her a lot of silver if she could find out what makes Samson so strong. We need your help to overpower and capture him.’ Delilah agreed. – Slide 1
Delilah said to Samson, ‘Tell me why you are so strong. How could someone tie you up and take control of you? <br/>Samson answered, “Someone would have to tie me up. He would have to use seven new bowstrings that have not been dried. If he did that, I would be as weak as any other man.” But when Delilah did that and the Philistines rushed in, Samson snapped them with his God-given strength. <br/>Delilah acted hurt some time later asked the same question again and this time Samson explained he would need to be tied up with new ropes. But when the Philstines rush in, Samson broke these also. The same happened when Samson said he would lose his strength if seven braids of his hair were weaved in a loom like cloth. But when the Philistines burst in, Samson broke free of the loom. – Slide 2
Delilah kept pestering day after day, ‘How can you say, “I love you,” when you don’t tell me the secret of your strength.’ <br/>Samson gave in and told her the truth. ‘I have never had my hair cut. I have been set apart to God as a Nazirite since I was born. If someone shaved my head, then I would lose my strength. I would become as weak as any other man.’ <br/>Delilah got Samson to go to sleep with his head lying in her lap. Then she called in a man to shave off the seven braids of Samson’s hair. <br/>Then she called out to him, ‘Samson, the Philistines are about to capture you!’ <br/>Without his God-given strength Samson was easily captured. Delilah was given the silver she had been promised as a reward. – Slide 3
They Philistines tore out Samson’s eyes and took him down to Gaza. They put him in prison, bound him with bronze chains and made him grind grain. But his hair began to grow again. – Slide 4
The kings of the Philistines gathered to celebrate and offer a great sacrifice to their god Dagon. As they praised their false god, they shouted, ‘Bring Samson out to perform for us.’ – Slide 5
So, they brought Samson from the prison to make fun of him. A servant was led him in and Samson said to him, ‘Let me feel the pillars that hold up the temple. I want to lean against them.’ <br/>He stood between the two main pillars holding up the temple with his right hand on one and his left hand on the other. Then he prayed, ‘Lord God, remember me and please give me strength one more time. Let me die with these Philistines!’ <br/>Then he pushed as hard as he could. And the temple fell on the kings and all the people in it. So, Samson killed more of the Philistines when he died than when he was alive. – Slide 6
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