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Blind Bartimaeus

Jesus heals a blind man.
Contributed by Didier Martin
Story also available on our translated website: Spanish
When Jesus walked with the disciples through cities and villages, many people followed Him. – Slide 1
One day, as they were near the city of Jericho, Jesus and the disciples passed a man begging on the road. – Slide 2
The poor man was blind and his name was Bartimaeus. – Slide 3
When Bartimaeus heard the crowd of people passing by, he asked what was going on. ‘We are following Jesus of Nazareth,’ someone replied. – Slide 4
Bartimaeus had heard about Jesus and how He healed the sick. He wanted to find Jesus, so he started screaming, ‘Jesus, have mercy on me!’ – Slide 5
Some people didn't think a beggar should be calling out to Jesus like that, so they told him to be quiet. – Slide 6
But Bartimaeus wanted Jesus to hear him. “Jesus, have mercy on me!” he yelled, even louder. – Slide 7
People began to feel annoyed with Bartimaeus for making such a noise. – Slide 8
Jesus heard Bartimaeus call and stopped walking. ‘Bring the man to me,’ Jesus said. – Slide 9
‘Be happy, Bartimaeus,’ someone said. ‘Jesus wants to see you.’ – Slide 10
Bartimaeus stood up and walked over to Jesus. ‘What do you want me to do?’ Jesus asked Bartimaeus. – Slide 11
‘Master,’ Bartimaeus replied, ‘I want to see!’ Jesus said, ‘Get your sight back. Your faith has healed you.’ – Slide 12
Instantly, Bartimaeus could see. It was a miracle! Jesus healed him. <br/>Bartimaeus was so happy that he started jumping for joy. He praised God for the answer, and followed Jesus the rest of the way. – Slide 13
Slide 14