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Noah and the great flood

Noah obeys God to build an Ark.
Contributed by Ewurakua Ghansah
Noah lived at a time when the number of people living on the earth was getting bigger. Noah trusted in God and obeyed Him. – Slide 1
Noah and his wife had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. – Slide 2
God saw that all the people on earth were very disobedient. They were unkind and hurt each other. <br/>They were so wicked God decided to send a large flood. But God shared His plan with Noah and gave him a way for his family and the animals not be washed away when the flood came. – Slide 3
God told Noah to build a very large wooden floating box called an Ark. It would need to be large enough to hold Noah and his family and at least two of every kind of animal. No-one had ever built anything like this before. – Slide 4
Noah and his sons obeyed God and started building the big boat. They cut down trees and spent a very long time following all the instructions God had given them. <br/>People laughed at them. It seemed so silly to build a large boat in a hot dry land. <br/>But Noah carried on and on until the boat was ready. – Slide 5
God then told Noah and his family to go into the Ark and sent along at least two of every kind of animal to join them.  <br/>God then closed the door of the Ark and the rain began to fall. It rained and rained for a very, very long time. – Slide 6
The water rose higher and higher and only those on the Ark were safe. The water rose until it covered the tops of mountains and all Noah could see was flood water. <br/>Then  a wind blew and the waters started to go down. – Slide 7
Noah sent out a raven to see if it could find dry land but it returned without finding any place to land. He then sent out a dove but it could not find anywhere to perch. Seven days later he sent out the dove again and this time it returned with an olive branch in its beak. Noah knew the flood was drying up. Soon after the Ark landed on dry ground on a mountain. Noah’s family and all the animals left the Ark to live on the land. God had kept them all safe. – Slide 8
Noah and his family built an altar to thank God for rescuing them. God put a rainbow in the sky as His promise that He would never flood all the earth again. – Slide 9
Slide 10