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Isaac is born

God keeps His promise to Abraham.
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Last year, God visited Sarah in her tent. <br/>He made a promise and explained His intent. <br/>‘I know you are old Sarah, but let Me be clear. <br/>Your baby boy will be born this time next year.’ – Slide 1
God kept His promise the following year. <br/>God performed a miracle, it was very clear!  <br/>Sarah’s baby boy was born even though she was very old. <br/>Abraham became a father at age one hundred, just as God foretold. – Slide 2
Isaac is the name Abraham gave their baby boy. <br/>It means laughter and he brought them so much joy! <br/>Sarah said, ‘God has brought me laughter even though I am very old. <br/>Everyone who hears about this miracle will laugh with me, just as God foretold.’ – Slide 3
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