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Treaty at Beersheba

Abram and Abimelech make a peace treaty.
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Abimelech, the Philistine king, visited Abraham’s camp. Abimelech knew that God’s blessing was on Abraham’s life.  <br/>He wanted a treaty to keep peace with his camp. He asked Abraham to be kind so there wouldn’t be any strife. – Slide 1
Abraham agreed to keep the peace with Abimelech and all the people. But he complained to the king about the men who robbed his well. They were deceitful! – Slide 2
Abimelech didn’t know about the deceit. He asked Abraham to show kindness so they could live in peace. Abraham agreed and gave him cattle and sheep. – Slide 3
Seven ewes were taken aside to make an oath that day. They proved that Abraham built the well and no one could ever take it away. – Slide 4
Abimelech and Abraham made an oath on this site. <br/>The place is called ‘Beersheba,’ which means ‘oath of seven’. Satisfied, Abimelech went home, hopeful and bright. – Slide 5
Where he and the king agreed, Abraham planted a tamarisk tree.  <br/>The tree is a reminder to heaven about his oath of seven. He lived in Beersheba a long time in prosperity. – Slide 6
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