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God's covenant with Abram

God makes promises to Abram and his descendants.
God said to Abram, ‘I will give you a son, your very own heir. <br/>Your descendants will be many, your legacy will be shared. <br/>Sacrifice a cow, goat, ram, dove, and pigeon. <br/>Prepare them so I can show you my vision.’ – Slide 1
Abram prepared the animals for the sacrifice. <br/>He chased the vultures away to keep the animals clean. – Slide 2
Then as night came, Abram fell into a deep sleep. <br/>Dreaming, Abram saw his descendants in a terrible scene. – Slide 3
God said to Abram, ‘Your descendants will be slaves for 400 years. <br/>In a foreign land they will be considered strangers. <br/>They will be whipped and tortured and shed many tears. <br/>But, I will set them free and rescue them from danger.’ – Slide 4
As Abram lay asleep God brought a firepot and blazing torch. <br/>The fire passed each animal and the meat was scorched. – Slide 5
God spoke to Abram while he slept. <br/>‘Your sacrifices, I do accept. <br/>‘Your descendants will inherit this land. <br/>This is My promise to you, and My promise will be kept true.’ – Slide 6
Slide 7