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Abram rescues Lot

When Lot is captured Abram sets out in pursuit.
A confederacy of five kings ruled the land by the Dead Sea.<br/>Four other kings made war with the five and tried to conquer their lands. <br/>The confederacy of five kings made a stand. <br/>They drew a line in the sand. <br/>They didn’t want the four kings to conquer their land. – Slide 1
But the five kings were not very brave. <br/>When they saw the four kings, they quickly ran away. <br/>Lot, who lived in Sodom by the Dead Sea, was captured by the four kings.  <br/>They took all his goods and made him their slave. – Slide 2
A man escaped and found Lot’s uncle, Abram the Hebrew. <br/>He told him that the people, and Lot, and all his goods were captured. <br/>Abram made a war plan for Lot’s rescue. <br/>Abram’s men, an army of 318, were gathered. – Slide 3
Abram and his army marched to find the prisoners and Lot. <br/>He divided his men into groups and they attacked by night. <br/>Abram’s men found the people, and Lot, and his goods. <br/>Lot and the people were rescued and freed from their plight. – Slide 4
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