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It was night-time and Abram was afraid and sad. <br/>He had no son and he was very old. <br/>He had no heir to leave the wealth of his household. <br/>But God spoke words to Abram to make him glad. – Slide 1
‘Abram, do not be afraid. <br/>I am your shield and your treasure. <br/>I will always come to your aid.’ – Slide 2
‘But God”, Abram said, “I have no son and I am old.  <br/>I have no heir to leave the wealth of my household.’ – Slide 3
God said to Abram, ‘I will give you a son, your very own heir. <br/>You will give him your wealth and your legacy will be shared. <br/>Look at the heavens with so many stars, too many to number! <br/>Even the stars, your heirs will outnumber!’ – Slide 4
Filled with love for God, Abram believed His Promise.  <br/>God was pleased and called Abram righteous. <br/>Abram stared at the stars knowing that God was honest. – Slide 5
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