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Adam and Eve believed the lying snake who was full of poison and hate. <br/>They disobeyed God and from the Garden of Eden they were barred. <br/>No longer could they spend time in the garden with God and celebrate. <br/>From now on their work would be painful and their lives would be hard. – Slide 1
Adam and Eve had Cain, their first a baby boy. <br/>Later, they had another baby named Abel, their sons brought them great joy. – Slide 2
With much effort, Cain farmed the land and worked the soil. <br/>Abel grazed the flocks, both boys had lives of great toil. – Slide 3
It was the time of the year to offer God a burnt sacrifice. <br/>Cain offered God some fruit from his field. <br/>Abel offered God the firstborn of his flock as a sacrifice.  <br/>Abel's love for God was unconcealed. – Slide 4
God was pleased with Abel’s offering and gave him favor. <br/>God saw Cain’s offering and was very mournful. <br/>Cain became jealous of Abel having God’s favour. <br/>Cain’s blood ran hot, he was downcast and scornful. – Slide 5
God said to Cain, ‘Why are you downcast and filled with strife? <br/>Do what is right and I will give you My favor as well. <br/>If you don’t, sin crouches at the door to destroy your life.  <br/>But, you can control sin’s desire, your anger can be quelled.’ – Slide 6
But Cain took Abel out into the fields where the crops loomed high. <br/>In his hot blooded anger, he killed Abel, his brother. – Slide 7
God asked Cain, ‘Where is your brother, give me your reply!’ <br/>Cain answered, “What do I know? Am I the guardian of my brother? – Slide 8
But God said, ‘What have you done, your brother’s blood is crying out from the ground! Now you are under a curse when you plant crops and they will be sickly because Abel's blood was shed.’ – Slide 9
‘You will be homeless all of your life and you will wander all around.  <br/>Away from My presence you will be living a life filled with pain and dread.’ – Slide 10
Worried, Cain asked God to help him with his welfare. <br/>‘This punishment is much too hard for me to bear. My crops will become sickly because Abel’s blood was shed.’ – Slide 11
‘Homeless, I will wander all around and live a life of pain and dread.  <br/>I must hide from Your presence, please lift this burden up from me! <br/>Or wherever I wander around, whoever finds me will kill me!’ – Slide 12
God said, ‘All right. If anyone kills Cain, Cain will be avenged seven times as much.’ <br/>God put a special mark of protection on Cain so no one would harm him because they held a grudge. Cain left the presence of God, to the land of Nod, east of Eden he did trudge. – Slide 13
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