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Abraham had buried Sarah, his precious wife.<br/>He missed her so much and was very sad. – Slide 1
He married Keturah and made her his new wife. <br/>They had many children and they were so glad. <br/>Abraham loved his new family and enjoyed his new life. – Slide 2
Abraham didn’t want his children to be jealous and compete. <br/>He will leave Isaac all his inheritance when he is deceased. <br/>He gave wonderful gifts to his other children and sent them east. <br/>He sent them away to keep the peace. – Slide 3
Abraham died a very content old man at 175 years of age. <br/>He was gathered to his people at the end of his life. <br/>Isaac and Ishmael buried Abraham next to Sarah at the family grave. <br/>Isaac received the inheritance and God blessed him all his life. – Slide 4
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