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Esau sells his birthright

Hungry Esau exchanges his birthright for soup.
Isaac and Rebekah had two sons.  <br/>Esau, the older, loved the outdoors and hunted wild beasts. <br/>He had the birthright which meant of all his parents’ wealth, he would receive the larger portion. <br/>Isaac loved Esau who would cook his father spicy wild game to eat. – Slide 1
Jacob, the younger, loved to be indoors. <br/>He kept the books for the family as he grew. <br/>Rebekah loved that Jacob helped her with all of the chores. <br/>He loved to cook and made a delicious lentil stew. – Slide 2
One day, Jacob was cooking some hearty red lentil stew. <br/>Esau came from a hard day of hunting, too tired to cook his own meal.  <br/>He demanded that Jacob serve him some red lentil stew. <br/>Deceitfully, Jacob demanded Esau to make him a deal. – Slide 3
‘First, you must sell me your birthright,’ Jacob demanded. <br/>‘Then I will serve you some red lentil stew.’ <br/>‘What good is my birthright when I’m starving!’ Esau replied. <br/>‘I don’t care about my birthright! Serve me red lentil stew!’ – Slide 4
‘Gladly,’ said Jacob, ‘But first you must swear that the birthright is mine!’ <br/>Esau replied, ‘I swear to you that the birthright is all yours and not mine!’ – Slide 5
So Jacob deceived Esau into selling him his birthright. <br/>Then Jacob served Esau some bread and red lentil stew. <br/>After Esau guzzled his stew and ate his last bite, he was left with a promise he couldn’t undo. – Slide 6
Jacob deceived Esau and Esau hated his birthright. <br/>Both Jacob and Esau did wrong in God’s sight. – Slide 7
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