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Just as in the time of Abraham, there was another famine in the land. <br/>Isaac went to Abimelech, the Philistine king, to ask for a helping hand. <br/>The Lord appeared to Isaac and gave him this command. <br/>‘Do not go to Egypt like Abraham did, obey me and I will bless you in this land.’ – Slide 1
‘You will have more descendants than the stars in the sky. <br/>‘I will bless them and give them all these lands to occupy.  <br/>‘They will bless all nations of the world. Now, obey my command.’ <br/>Isaac obeyed and stayed in the land. – Slide 2
Isaac planted crops in the land that year. <br/>All of his crops grew large and strong and healthy. <br/>Isaac became very wealthy which filled the Philistines with envy. – Slide 3
Isaac had many servants, flocks, and herds.  <br/>The Philistines were jealous and spoke of Isaac with angry words. <br/>The Philistines were so mad that they filled up Abraham’s old wells with earth. – Slide 4
Jealous and angry, King Abimelech said, ‘Move away from us! <br/>‘You have become way too rich and powerful for us!’ <br/>Isaac moved away to the Valley of Gerar and reopened Abraham’s old wells. – Slide 5
In Gerar, Isaac’s servants discovered two wells of fresh water. <br/>The herders of Gerar fought with him over those wells. <br/>Isaac’s servants dug another well of fresh water. <br/>No one fought with him so he was able to keep that well.  <br/>The Lord blessed Isaac with good land and fresh water. – Slide 6
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