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Cain and Seth's family tree

Two people named Lamech but different characters.
After Cain left the presence of God, he travelled east of Eden to the land of Nod. – Slide 1
Cain and his wife had a baby, Enoch was his name. <br/>Then Cain built his son a mighty city that his family could claim. – Slide 2
Generations later, Lamech, Cain’s descendant, became the wicked ruler of the city of Cain. Lamech, like his ancestor, chose violence and caused great pain. – Slide 3
On the other side of the family… – Slide 4
Adam and Eve had a baby, Seth was his name. <br/>God gave them a child to replace their son Abel, whose life was claimed. – Slide 5
Cain had killed Abel but God gave Seth to heal their hearts. <br/>Seth began a new generation that had a fresh start. – Slide 6
Seth and his wife had a baby, Enosh was his name. <br/>Enosh’s generation called on God and to Him their loyalty was claimed. – Slide 7
Generations later, Enosh also had a descendant with Lamech as his name. Though the two men had the same name, their character was definitely not the same. – Slide 8
Lamech and his wife had a baby, Noah was his name.  <br/>Lamech held his son and made this great claim. <br/>‘This one will comfort us from the painful work of our hands. This I do proclaim.’ – Slide 9
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