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Sarai was very old and sad.<br/>She wanted a son to make her glad.<br/>But her servant, Hagar, was strong and young.<br/>If Abram married Hagar, she could give them a son. – Slide 1
Abram,’ said Sarai, ‘I am old and sad.  <br/>Make Hagar your wife so we can have a son and be glad! – Slide 2
So Abram married Hagar and made her his wife. <br/>Hagar became pregnant and Abram was glad a son would be in his life! – Slide 3
But Hagar became proud and thought she was the better wife. <br/>Sarai became jealous and mad. <br/>She fought with Hagar and there was so much strife. – Slide 4
Hagar was scared and ran away. <br/>She drank from a spring and cried out to the Lord that day. <br/>The Angel of the Lord appeared,  <br/>‘Hagar, you will have a son. Go back to Sarai and don’t be proud.’ – Slide 5
Hagar returned to Sarai; she was no longer proud. <br/>She served Sarai, and they no longer fought. <br/>Baby Ishmael was born and he cried very loud. <br/>Sarai and Abram finally had their son, or so they thought. – Slide 6
Slide 7