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Crossing the Jordan

Joshua, the Ark of the Covenant and crossing the Jordan.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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Early in the morning Joshua led the Israelites to the River Jordan where they set up camp. – Slide 1
After three days the officers gave orders, ‘When you see the ark of the covenant being carried by the priests you are to follow it at a distance.’ Joshua told everyone to get their lives right with God for the next day they would see Him do amazing things. – Slide 2
The next day Joshua told the priests to lead off carrying the ark of the covenant towards the River Jordan. The river was in flood and dangerous to cross. God told Joshua to tell the priests when they got to the river bank not to stop but to go and stand in the river. – Slide 3
As son as the priests’ feet entered the water the water from upstream stopped flowing. It stood up in a large heap some distance away at a town called Adam. The priests stood in middle of the river bed on dry ground while the people crossed into the Promised Land. – Slide 4
Joshua had given orders for twelve men, one from each tribe, to be chosen. He told these men to gather a large stone each from the dry river bed and carry it to the place where they would set up camp for the night. – Slide 5
About 40,000 people armed for battle hurried across the River Jordan then stood on the far bank and watched. God instructed Joshua, ‘Command the priests to come out of the water. No sooner had they done so than the waters flooded downstream again. – Slide 6
At a place called Gilgal Joshua instructed the twelve men to set up the large stones they had carried from the river bed as a memorial. – Slide 7
‘When future generations ask you what these stones mean,’ Joshua announced, ‘tell them that the Lord dried up the River Jordan, just as He dried up the Red Sea, so we could cross over. He did this to show His power that you would always be in awe of Him.’ – Slide 8
The Israelites were now ready to face their first challenge. Ahead of them was the heavily defended, walled city of Jericho. – Slide 9
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