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The parable of the sower

Jesus teaches about four soils and harvests.
Contributed by Julia Watson
One fine morning a sower set out to sow some seed. His field had a path worn hard by many feet, some stony ground, a weedy patch and some good soft earth rich and black. – Slide 1
The seeds were plump and fat, excited, ready to go out into the wide world and grow. – Slide 2
The farmer reached his hand into the bag and threw the seeds over his field, again and again, till the bag was empty. Out sailed the seeds. Where would they land? – Slide 3
Some seeds landed on the path. In an instant the birds swooped down and gobbled them up. Not one had a chance to grow. – Slide 4
Some seeds landed on the stony ground. They sent up little shoots and tried to grow. But when the hot sun came up they didn’t have enough deep roots to survive. The stony ground seeds shrivelled up. – Slide 5
Some seeds landed on the weed patch. For a while the little plants struggled bravely. But the fierce greedy weeds and thorns crowded out the space and sunlight. They choked the plants. – Slide 6
And some seeds landed in the rich, black earth. Soon they sent down tiny roots, searching for food. Green shoot tips appeared and grew stronger and taller. They drank in the rain and spread their leaves in the sunlight. At the end of the season a wonderful crop of golden corn waved in the breeze. And the farmer was very satisfied. – Slide 7
Jesus said the seeds are like God’s words to us. The places in the field are different people’s ways of listening to them.<br/>- Some don’t listen at all. <br/>- Some make a good start but give up. <br/>- Some make a good start but get distracted by other things. <br/>- And some listen well, and do their best to do what God says. – Slide 8
Slide 9