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Jesus welcomes children

The disciples are rebuked for turning children away.
Contributed by Lars-Goran Ronnberg
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
One day some mothers found out that Jesus was coming to their town. They wondered whether they would be able to get near Jesus as they wanted to bring their children to Him. They hoped Jesus would lay His hands on their children and pray a blessing on them. It is what any mother would want for her children. – Slide 1
News came that Jesus was heading towards the city with His 12 disciples. – Slide 2
The mothers and their children came out of their homes and gathered on the edge of the large crowd. The children were so full of anticipation that they would meet Jesus and receive His blessing. – Slide 3
‘Stop!’ ordered one of Jesus’ disciples. ‘Where are you going?’  <br/>‘Oh, we are going to Jesus as we would like Him to pray a blessing over our children,’ the mothers replied. – Slide 4
‘No way!’ came the reply from Jesus’ disciples. ‘Jesus does not have time to see children.’ – Slide 5
‘Jesus is talking with the men about very important things. Keep these children quiet and go home.’ – Slide 6
The children looked sad. They really wanted to meet Jesus. The mothers were disappointed and felt that no-one cared about them and their children.’ – Slide 7
Then they heard a voice in the crowd. Everyone went quiet. It was Jesus speaking to His disciples. ‘What are you doing?’ – Slide 8
‘We were stopping these women and children getting through to see you,’ the disciples boasted.  <br/>‘These mothers wanted to push through the crowd with their kids so you could bless them.’ – Slide 9
But Jesus was not pleased and rebuked them. ‘Don’t you understood how much I love children and how important they are? You must never prevent them from coming to me. They belong to the Kingdom of God. Bring them here so I can bless them.’ – Slide 10
The disciples rushed to find the mothers they had sent away. ‘Please come back with your children!’ they pleaded. ‘We were wrong! Forgive us! Jesus wants to bless all the children!’ – Slide 11
‘Let the children through to see Me,’ said Jesus. The mothers and children were so happy. – Slide 12
The disciples were ashamed and embarrassed. They had not realised how important children are to God and how much He loves them. – Slide 13
So, Jesus took His time to lay His hands on each of the children and pray a blessing over them. – Slide 14
It was a special moment for each of the children and they were filled with joy. – Slide 15
Even the little babies rejoiced when Jesus blessed them, and their mothers were so happy. – Slide 16
The children returned home so pleased that Jesus had found time for them and blessed them. – Slide 17
It was the best day of their lives. Jesus had shown He loved them, and they loved Him too. – Slide 18
And when Jesus went on to the next town, the disciples knew they must never do anything to stop children coming to Jesus. <br/>Jesus loves people of all ages. – Slide 19
Slide 20