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Peter at the Ascension and Pentecost

Peter. Jesus ascends to heaven and sends the Holy Spirit.
Contributed by Lars-Goran Ronnberg
The Passover, when Jesus died and rose again, was an absolutely amazing time for the disciples. And Peter, who had denied Jesus three times, knew that Jesus loved him and had forgiven him. – Slide 1
After Jesus rose from the dead, He was with His disciples for 40 days. He continued to teach and encourage them.  They all knew how much Jesus loved them. On the fortieth day, Jesus and His disciples ascended a high mountain. He commanded them to go out into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything Jesus had commanded them. But first they would need to wait in Jerusalem to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. – Slide 2
Jesus promised to be with them at all times. Then  Jesus rose up into the air and disappeared among the clouds. – Slide 3
Suddenly two angels appeared and asked the disciples why they were looking up to the sky.  They explained that Jesus had  been taken to heaven but one day would return to earth in the same way. Then disciples returned to Jerusalem to pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to come as Jesus had promised. – Slide 4
The disciples prayed together for the next ten days. Joining them were others who loved Jesus and Mary the mother of Jesus. On the day of Pentecost, a holiday feast that took place 50 days after the Passover, they met for prayer. Suddenly there was the sound of a mighty rushing wind and tongues of fire appeared over each of them as they were all filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. – Slide 5
In Jerusalem there were many people from different lands visiting for the holiday feast of Pentecost They gathered at the great Temple in Jerusalem. Peter and the other disciples preached in the power of the Holy Spirit in different languages, so that everyone listening understood that Jesus had risen and triumphed over death. – Slide 6
Many felt deep in their hearts how wrong they had lived and asked the disciples how they could receive God's forgiveness. The disciples then told everyone that when Jesus died on the cross, He suffered for all our sins and that they should now repent and obey God, confess their sins and be baptised. Then they would also receive the Holy Spirit as a gift from Jesus. – Slide 7
At the place where they were now gathered, there were several pools of water. (They still exist in our day and were used at that time for purification ceremonies when visiting the temple.) That day 3,000 people wanted to become disciples of Jesus and were baptised. – Slide 8
All who repented received God's forgiveness and the Holy Spirit to testify about Jesus. – Slide 9
Everyone was very happy and praised God. – Slide 10
Every day a great congregation gathered to listen to Peter and the other disciples teach what Jesus had once taught them. <br/>God did many miracles, and many people were healed of various diseases. – Slide 11
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