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Cain and Abel

Two brothers, two offerings and a murder.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Hindi
After Adam and Eve ate the fruit which God said not to touch, God told Adam that people would now have to work hard for their food. – Slide 1
God sent Adam and Eve away from the garden of Eden.  Some time later they had two boys, first Cain and then Abel. – Slide 2
Cain loved to grow vegetables, but it was hard work digging in the hot sun and weeding the garden. – Slide 3
He brought the first of all the vegetables from his garden, as a gift to God. ‘I will show God what I can do,’ he thought. – Slide 4
Abel looked after the sheep. He brought his best little lamb to give to God. ‘Thank you God for everything you give to me,’ he prayed. – Slide 5
God saw the love and thankfulness that was in Abel’s heart and God was pleased with the gift Abel gave to Him. – Slide 6
But Cain thought he had done all the work himself. He forgot that everything comes from God. God wasn’t happy with his attitude. – Slide 7
Cain got angry and jealous, because he thought God should like his gift best. He didn’t have a thankful attitude to God. – Slide 8
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