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David and King Saul

King Saul becomes jealous of David.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story about David and how he trusted God, rather than be afraid, is found in the Bible in the first book of Samuel. – Slide 1
King Saul had seen how brave the boy David was, fighting the giant Goliath, so he sent him, with his soldiers, to fight the Philistine army. – Slide 2
David’s soldiers beat the Philistines. David was a hero! The women sang, ‘David is ten times stronger than Saul!’ That made King Saul jealous and angry. – Slide 3
King Saul got so angry that he tried to kill David. But God saved David from King Saul.  David knew that it was God who saved him from his enemies and helped him to be brave. – Slide 4
Then King Saul had another idea. ‘You can marry my daughter, if you fight bravely and beat the Philistines. You will be the Captain of my army,’ he said. – Slide 5
He hoped that David would be killed by the mighty Philistines. ‘That would be a good way to get rid of him,’ he thought. – Slide 6
But God helped David and his soldiers, beat the bigger, stronger army. He went back to tell King Saul how brave his soldiers had been. – Slide 7
The king had to keep his promise. Everyone celebrated when their hero, David, married Michal, the King’s daughter. David thanked God for helping him. – Slide 8
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