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Elijah and the ravens

God uses ravens to feed Elijah.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
God sent Elijah, the man of God, to see bad King Ahab. ‘It will not rain again until God says so,’ Elijah told the king. – Slide 1
Soon everyone was thirsty. But God looked after Elijah. He sent him far away, to live by a stony stream. – Slide 2
Wait here until I send rain again,’ said God. ‘Here you will have water to drink.’ – Slide 3
But Elijah was very hungry and prayed to God. God looked after Elijah. He sent raven birds to feed him! – Slide 4
‘Ravens will bring you bread and meat every morning, to feed you,’ God said. – Slide 5
And late in the afternoon, just before the sun sets, the ravens came back again, with food for Elijah. – Slide 6
God looked after Elijah in a special way. God will look after you, too. – Slide 7
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