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Moses And The Golden Calf

Moses, Aaron and the golden calf.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This is a story, found in the Bible, about the people of Israel after God had brought them out of Egypt and they camped by Mount Sinai. – Slide 1
Aaron and Joshua were left in charge of the people of Israel, while Moses went up Mount Sinai to talk to God. – Slide 2
They waited 40 days for Moses to come back down the mountain. It seemed so long that they thought he must have died. – Slide 3
‘We don’t know what has happened to Moses,’ the people complained. <br/>‘We will make our own god,’ they said. ‘We are tired of waiting.’ – Slide 4
Aaron told the people to bring their gold earrings to make into a god. He melted the gold in a very hot fire and made a statue of a calf out of gold. – Slide 5
‘Tomorrow we will have a feast and pray to our new god,’ he said. ‘Go home and prepare a meat offering to burn on the altar.’ – Slide 6
The next day they burnt their offerings and danced and sang. But a calf made out of gold was not a real, living god and could not hear, or answer prayer. – Slide 7
Moses came down from the mountain and was very upset to see the people praying to an idol, so he destroyed it. Then the people were sorry and only prayed to the one true God. – Slide 8
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