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Jacob's ladder

Jacob flees from Esau and has a dream.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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In the Bible God promised Jacob that He would give him the land he was sleeping on for his descendants. There would be many millions of them who would live all over the world and bless other nations. This is how it happened. – Slide 1
Isaac prayed and blessed his son Jacob before he went away to find a wife from his mother’s family in Haran. As the sun was setting, Jacob looked around for somewhere to sleep. – Slide 2
He made himself a pillow from the smooth stones that he found nearby and lay down on the ground to sleep. That night Jacob had a special dream. – Slide 3
He saw God’s angels going up and down a ladder, between earth and heaven. <br/>God said, ‘I am the God of Abraham and Isaac. I will give you and your descendants this very land. – Slide 4
‘They will live in every corner of the world and be a blessing and I will always be with you.’ Jacob piled up the stones he had used as a pillow to remember the special place he called Bethel. – Slide 5
When he got to the country his mother was from he lifted a heavy stone lid from a well and helped some shepherds give their sheep a drink. They told him that Rachel and Leah were his cousins. – Slide 6
Rachel took Jacob home to meet his Uncle Laban, who was his mother’s brother. ‘Come and work for me,’ said Laban. ‘I will work for you if I can marry Rachel,’ Jacob replied. – Slide 7
‘You can keep any animals that are not pure white when they are born and have patches on them,’ Laban said. Jacob soon had many animals of his own. – Slide 8
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