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Jesus eats with His friends (The Last Supper)

Jesus tells the disciples how to remember Him.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This is a story found in the Bible and tells us about a special meal Jesus had with His friends, the disciples. It’s a meal we celebrate today to remember Jesus and how He died and rose again to save us. – Slide 1
Jesus said to His friends, I want to eat the Passover feast with you before I go away. Go and get it ready for us. – Slide 2
‘Look for a man carrying a water jar and follow him. He will show you where to go.’ His friends found the man and followed him. – Slide 3
The man went into a house. This was the house Jesus would be coming to for the meal. Jesus’ friends knocked at the door and waited. – Slide 4
‘Do you have a room for Jesus?’ they asked. ‘Yes, I have a room upstairs. Everything you will need is ready. I knew Jesus would come,’ said the man. – Slide 5
He took them upstairs to a big room. They got dinner ready with baskets of flat bread, and wine made from grape juice. – Slide 6
Soon Jesus arrived with His other friends. They went upstairs to have dinner together. – Slide 7
Jesus took the flat bread and broke it.  They shared it. They shared the grape juice, too. Jesus said, ‘Whenever you do this, remember me.’ In church we call this  ‘Communion’. – Slide 8
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