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One leper says thank you

One of ten men healed returns to thank Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Hindi
Leprosy was a terrible sickness without a cure. It was very infectious so others had to keep well away from those with the disease. This is the story of a man in the Bible who had leprosy. – Slide 1
A man got very sick with leprosy. Other people could easily get sick if they came near him, so he had to live with others who had leprosy. – Slide 2
People with leprosy could not work to get money for food. Kind people left food nearby. They missed their families and friends. – Slide 3
Before they were sick with leprosy they had lots of friends and food to eat. It wasn’t nice to have to ask people for money. – Slide 4
But when Jesus saw ten people with leprosy He helped them. Jesus even touched them. ‘Go home,’ Jesus said, ‘I have made you better.’ – Slide 5
As the ten with leprosy walked along the road they saw they were suddenly better! Jesus had healed them! ‘Let’s go home,’ they said. – Slide 6
But one man turned back to thank Jesus.  ‘Thank you for making me better,’ he said. ‘There were ten with leprosy,’ Jesus said. ‘You are the only one who has come back to thank me.’ – Slide 7
The man went home to his family in Samaria. Everyone was so happy to see him and hear about Jesus making him well! – Slide 8
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