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Jochebed - the brave mother of Moses

A princess discovers Jochebed's baby and names him Moses.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
When Pharaoh saw how strong his servants, the Hebrew men had become, he made a rule to kill all the baby boys before they grew stronger than his army. – Slide 1
He sent his soldiers to find all the baby boys in Hebrew families. The families were sad when the soldiers came to take their babies away. – Slide 2
Jochebed loved her new little baby boy. She prayed God would keep her baby safe, so he could grow up to be a man of God. She knew that God would hear her prayer. – Slide 3
Jochebed hid her baby boy from the soldiers. But as he got bigger he was harder to hide. He began to cry loudly and soon the soldiers would hear him. – Slide 4
‘I will make a basket of bulrushes to float him down the river,’ she said. ‘God please keep him safe,’ she prayed. She sent the baby’s sister, Miriam, to watch him. – Slide 5
Pharaoh’s daughter and her servants found the Hebrew baby and felt sorry for him, because he was hungry and crying. ‘Shall I get a Hebrew mother to feed him?’ asked Miriam. – Slide 6
‘Yes, I will pay her to look after him for me and I will call him Moses,’ said the Princess. So Moses' brave mother looked after her own baby. She always thanked God for keeping him safe. – Slide 7
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