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Jesus talks with Nicodemus about a new birth.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story is found in the Bible in the gospel of John. – Slide 1
Nicodemus heard Jesus talking about God. He wanted to hear more, so, one night he went to see Jesus. – Slide 2
‘I believe you come from God. No one could do the miracles I have seen you do, unless God was with him,’ said Nicodemus. – Slide 3
Jesus said something very important. ‘It is true that unless a person is born again they can’t see God’s kingdom.’ – Slide 4
Nicodemus didn’t understand. ‘How can I become a baby again and be born? I am too old,’ he said. – Slide 5
‘You must have God’s Spirit in you. God loved everyone so much He sent his Son from heaven to save them. If you believe this you will live forever,’ said Jesus. – Slide 6
Then Nicodemus understood! Jesus was God’s only Son. Just like a baby grows, Nicodemus’ love for Jesus grew too! – Slide 7
And, like Nicodemus, you can believe that Jesus is God’s Son. You can  pray and asked Him to be your friend. – Slide 8
Slide 9