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Rachel hides Laban's idols

Rachel steals Laban's idols.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Jacob took God’s promises from his brother Esau.  Esau was so angry that Jacob ran away to work for his uncle in Mesopotamia. – Slide 1
Jacob had been working for his uncle Laban for twenty years. God told him it was time for him to go home, so he met with his wives in the field and made plans to sneak away. – Slide 2
Jacob put his wives and children on the camels and they all left without saying goodbye. Laban was busy shearing sheep and didn’t miss them for three days. – Slide 3
Laban was very annoyed and when he realised that his idols were missing and that Jacob and his family had gone, he quickly chased after them. – Slide 4
‘You left without saying goodbye and have stolen my idols,’ said Laban. <br/>Jacob did not know anything about the stolen idols. ‘If you find who has taken them they will be punished,’ Jacob replied. – Slide 5
Rachel had secretly stolen the idols and hidden them in her camel’s saddle bags.  She sat on the bags and said, ‘I'm sorry I can’t get up at the moment.’ So her father didn’t find them. She had been very wrong to steal from her father and hide what she had stolen. – Slide 6
Jacob said, ‘I worked 14 years for your daughters and 6 years for my animals, now it is time for me to go home to my own family. Let us part as friends.’ – Slide 7
Laban said goodbye to his daughters and their families and they went on their way to Jacob’s home. Jacob prayed that his brother Esau wasn’t still angry with him. – Slide 8
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