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Timothy loves God

Timothy is taught by his grandmother Lois.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Timothy loved to visit his grandmother, Lois. His grandmother was kind and good. She loved God and prayed that Timothy would to grow up to love God too. – Slide 1
Even when Timothy was a small boy, she told him how much God loved him and that God had a special job for him to do, when he grew up. – Slide 2
Timothy’s mother, Eunice, also loved God. She talked to Timothy about God every day. Timothy’s love for God grew strong. He wanted to do what was good and right. – Slide 3
‘God has said in the Bible, that He will send His Son to earth, soon’, his mother said. ‘We must be ready when He comes.’  They prayed together. – Slide 4
Timothy’s mother and grandmother, saw how much Timothy loved God’s word. When Timothy heard about Jesus he knew that Jesus was God’s promised Son. – Slide 5
When he grew up, Timothy was Paul the Teacher’s helper. Paul wrote letters to Timothy. The letters are in the Bible. – Slide 6
Timothy told people about Jesus and what God’s words tell us to do. This was the special job God had for Timothy. We can tell other people about Jesus, too. – Slide 7
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