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Two small coins for God

A poor widow gives everything she has to God.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi
This story is about what Jesus saw when He stood in the Temple by the boxes people used to give money to God. It is found in the Bible in the gospel of Luke. – Slide 1
A very rich man came into the temple with a big bag of money. He was putting it all into the donation box as a gift to God. – Slide 2
The rich man was very pleased with himself and hoped that everyone would notice how much money he was putting into the box. It jingled loudly as it went in. Such a lot of money! – Slide 3
It was easy for the rich man to give lots of money. He had plenty money to spend and he could buy anything he wanted. The rich man had lots more money at home. – Slide 4
Then Jesus saw a poor little lady quietly drop two tiny coins into the donation box. She didn’t have much money, but she loved God very much. – Slide 5
The poor lady had no more money to give. She could have kept it for herself. She gave it with a heart of thankfulness and love. – Slide 6
Jesus said, ‘This poor lady has given more than all the rich people. The rich people gave only a little of their money, but this lady gave everything she had to God.’ – Slide 7
God sees the way we give to Him. He wants us to give because we love Him, not so that others can see how rich we are and think that we are important. – Slide 8
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