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Rahab and the spies

Rahab hides two Hebrew spies.
Contributed by MYELLOVE
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, German
Joshua sent two spies to cross the river Jordan and find out all they could about the city of Jericho and the land around it. – Slide 1
The spies went into Jericho and paid to stay in the house of a woman called Rahab.  <br/>The king of Jericho was told, ‘Some of the Israelites have come here tonight to spy out the land.’ – Slide 2
So, the king sent soldiers to search for the spies. They came to the house of Rahab and she said, ‘They did come here. But I didn’t know where they came from. In the evening, when it was time to close the city gate, they left. I don’t know where they went. Go quickly. Maybe you can catch them.’ – Slide 3
But Rahab had hid the spies under stalks of flax she had laid out on the roof. She told them, ‘I know the Lord has given this land to your people. You frighten us very much. Make me a promise before the Lord. Promise that you will show kindness to my family just as I showed you kindness, <br/>The men agreed. ‘When the Lord gives us our land, we will be kind to you. You may trust us.’ – Slide 4
The house Rahab lived in was built on the city wall. So she used a red rope to let the men down through a window.  She said to them, ‘Go into the hills. The king’s men will not find you there. Hide there for three days. After the king’s men return, you may go on your way.’ <br/>The men replied, ‘You are using a red rope to help us escape. When we return to this land, you must tie it in the window through which you let us down. Bring all your family into your house and you will all be safe when we attack the city.’ – Slide 5
After hiding in the hills for three days, the spies returned to report to Joshua, ‘The Lord surely has given us all of the land. All the people in that land are terribly afraid of us.’ <br/>And, as for Rahab and her family they hung the red rope from a window of their house set in the wall of Jericho. They were all were saved and rescued when Jericho was attacked. – Slide 6
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