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Noah and the Great Flood

Noah obeys God and builds an Ark to escape the flood.
Contributed by Moody Publishers
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In the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible … – Slide 1
… we read of a time when the wickedness of man was very great. – Slide 2
Might was right and people killed each other and thought nothing of it. – Slide 3
When God looked down on this bloodshed and wickedness … – Slide 4
… He knew that before long man would destroy not only his body but his soul. – Slide 5
In all of the world, there was only one man and his family living the way God wanted them to. – Slide 6
That man was Noah. Noah believed in God and was thankful for whatever God gave him. The faith of this man caused him to find favour in the sight of the Lord. – Slide 7
One day God told Noah to go and warn the sinful people of the world that unless they live differently they were going to be punished. – Slide 8
Noah did as God had told him to do. He told the people what God had said and pleaded with them to get on their knees and ask for God’s forgiveness. – Slide 9
But the people of the world just laughed at Noah. So what if there was a God? God never did anything to anyone. – Slide 10
But Noah rebuked the people. God had given Noah a job to do and Noah knew that if God was with him, no man could stand against him. So he spoke out bravely and earnestly. – Slide 11
The reaction of the people was always the same. Nobody was going to tell them what to do, not even the God who made them. – Slide 12
One day, Noah heard God say that the time had come for the earth to be destroyed. Every living thing was to perish except Noah, his family and a certain number of animals. – Slide 13
A huge boat was to be built and God had told Noah exactly how to build it. – Slide 14
Since Noah and his sons believed in God, they lost no time in doing what they had been told. – Slide 15
Now the building of the ark was no secret and the framework of the huge vessel attracted a lot of attention. – Slide 16
People began to be curious. What is this crazy old man up to this time? – Slide 17
When Noah told them there was a flood coming to destroy every living thing on Earth, except those that were in the ark… – Slide 18
… the unbelieving people were certain the old man had lost his mind. There was nothing Noah could say that made any difference. – Slide 19
They refused to listen and went on back to their sinful ways of living. – Slide 20
But the day finally came when the ark was completed. Then Noah set about doing the other things God had told him to do. – Slide 21
The pairs of all the different kinds of animals were taken into the ark. – Slide 22
Food and other supplies were brought aboard, enough to last for a long, long time. – Slide 23
When all of this was done. Noah, his sons and their wives all went into the ark. – Slide 24
We read in the seventh chapter of Genesis that the Lord shut them in. – Slide 25
The people of the world paid little or no attention to Noah and his ark. They were too busy pursuing their own ways to even think about the matter any more. – Slide 26
The days went by… one, two, three, four. – Slide 27
All this time Noah and his family simply waited on the Lord. – Slide 28
Five days went by, then six, and still nothing happened. – Slide 29
On that seventh day, the things that Noah warned the people about for 120 years came to pass. – Slide 30
The Bible says the windows of Heaven were opened. – Slide 31
The fountains of the great deep were broken open … – Slide 32
… and people were caught by surprise when the flood came and took them away. – Slide 33
According to the Bible, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. – Slide 34
When it had finally stopped raining, the water was ­­­higher than the top of the highest mountain. – Slide 35
The people and the animals outside the ark had perished. – Slide 36
Week after week went by, even months, and the water remained upon the earth. – Slide 37
Then one day God made a wind to pass over the earth. – Slide 38
The waters began to go down and the ark began to settle, somewhere high above the mountains of Ararat. – Slide 39
Not long after that Noah sent out a raven and a dove. – Slide 40
The dove returned and Noah knew that the waters were not yet gone. – Slide 41
Seven days went by and Noah sent out the dove the second time. – Slide 42
This time she returned with an olive twig. The waters were going down and soon Noah and his family could leave the ark and live once more upon the Earth. – Slide 43
Sure enough, shortly after that God told Noah to take his family … – Slide 44
... and all the living things that were left in the ark lived once more upon the Earth. – Slide 45
Noah and his family were thankful to God for saving them and God was pleased with their faith and their thanksgiving. – Slide 46
God set a rainbow in the clouds as a promise that never again would He destroy the Earth with a flood. The Bible tells us that disobedience still brings God’s judgement, but through Jesus, God has made a way for us to be forgiven and rescued. – Slide 47
Slide 48