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The day the sun stood still

God helps Joshua to win a battle.
Contributed by Smart Arts for Kids
The people of Gibeon were afraid when they heard that Joshua and the people of Israel had captured the city of Jericho? Would they be attacked as well? – Slide 1
So they sent some of their people to talk to Joshua and made a treaty with him. – Slide 2
They agreed to become water carriers for the Israelites. – Slide 3
And in return Joshua promised his army would protect them from harm. – Slide 4
King Adoni-zedek of Jerusalem was very angry when he heard the people of Gibeon were now friends with Joshua and the people of Israel. – Slide 5
So he called a meeting of the kings who ruled in the nearby big cities. – Slide 6
Each king gathered a large army. The army of Jerusalem marched out to attack the city of Gibeon. – Slide 7
The King of Hebron marched with his army out to join them. They wanted to punish the people of Gibeon for being friends with Joshua. – Slide 8
The King of Jarmuth got his army ready to join in the battle. – Slide 9
The King of Lachish and his fighting men joined the large army too. – Slide 10
As did the King of Eglon and his soldiers. It was a very large army and the people of Gibeon would not be able to stand against them. – Slide 11
The men of Gibeon sent messengers to Joshua at his camp in Gilgal. ‘Come at once! Save us! Help us!’ they pleaded. ‘All the five kings who live in the hill country have joined forces to attack us.’ <br/>What would Joshua do? He has promised to protect the people of Gibeon. – Slide 12
Joshua knew he must keep his promise. He gathered his army and set out for Gibeon. – Slide 13
Joshua and his men crept up on the enemy as they wanted to take them by surprise. ‘Don’t be afraid of them,’ the Lord told Joshua, ‘for I have given you victory over them.’ – Slide 14
The Israelites took the large enemy army by surprise and chased them as they fled. – Slide 15
As the five enemy armies ran for their lives, the Lord sent a terrible hailstorm. The large hail stones hit the enemy soldiers very hard and many of them were not able to fight any more. – Slide 16
After the storm Joshua and his men continued to chase the enemy for the rest of the day. But soon the sun would set and it would get dark. The enemy soldiers would escape in the darkness. – Slide 17
Joshua needed daylight to win the battle. So he prayed to the Lord in front of all the people of Israel. ‘Let the sun stand still over Gibeon, and the moon over the valley of Aijalon.’ The sun stayed in the middle of the sky and did not set as on a normal day. – Slide 18
Unable to escape in the darkness, the five kings found a cave and hid in it. – Slide 19
With the sun shining high in the sky Joshua and his army were able to win the battle and save the people of Gibeon. – Slide 20
With the sun shining, Joshua found the cave the five kings were hiding in and was able to capture them. They would not be able to fight him again. – Slide 21
Joshua and the Israelites captured all the five cities of the kings. God had made the sun stay still in the sky so Joshua could win the battle and keep his promise to the people of Gibeon. – Slide 22
The people of Gibeon and their King knew God had rescued them from harm. – Slide 23
Slide 24