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Ten men with leprosy

A healed man returns to thank Jesus.
Contributed by Smart Arts for Kids
A man who was a Samaritan was very sad to learn he had the terrible skin disease leprosy. It meant he would have to stay away from all his family and friends in case they caught leprosy too. – Slide 1
When he went out he had to shout he was unclean so people could move well away from him. – Slide 2
The Samaritan man had to move away from his family and friends to live with others who also had the same disease. Some of these were Jews and he was a Samaritan. Jews and Samaritans did not like each other but these ten men who had leprosy did all they could to look after each other. – Slide 3
One day Jesus was walking near the border that separated the Jews from the Samaritans. The ten men with leprosy saw Jesus but could not go close to him.  <br/>They cried out, ‘Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!’ – Slide 4
Jesus stopped and looked at them. Would he run off and keep away from them? – Slide 5
Jesus said, ‘Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ (The local priest was the person who examined people to see whether they had leprosy). – Slide 6
The men thought this was a strange thing to say. But they started off towards the house of the local priest. – Slide 7
And as they walked their skin became clear and the leprosy was gone. Jesus had healed them – Jews and Samaritans. They rushed off to find the priest and be told they could go back to their families and friends. – Slide 8
But one man, a Samaritan stopped. Jesus had healed him and he wanted to say ‘Thank you’. – Slide 9
He started shouting, ‘Praise God’ and went to find Jesus. – Slide 10
He fell to the ground at Jesus’ feet, thanking Him for what he had done. – Slide 11
Jesus asked, ‘Didn’t I heal ten men? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give glory to God except you – a Samaritan?’ – Slide 12
Jesus then said to the man, ‘Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.’ – Slide 13
All ten men went to the priest who told them they no longer had leprosy. They were so happy. – Slide 14
The Samaritan was able to return to his family and friends and tell them what Jesus had done for him. – Slide 15
Slide 16