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Othniel, Ehud and Deborah

The first Judges in Israel.
Contributed by Wong Chim Yuen
Judges 1:1-10 <br/>After the death of Joshua, the Israelites wondered who would lead them. The Lord told them He had delivered the land into the hands of Judah. <br/>The tribes of Judah, along with Simeon, attacked the Canaanites and Perizzites and defeated them. They pursued and captured the Canaanite leader Adonibez-ek and cut off his thumbs and great toes. – Slide 1
Judges 1:17-21 <br/>The tribes of Judah and Simeon then captured Gaza and the coast region. They drove out their enemies from the hill country but not the valley. Those living in the valley had chariots of iron. <br/>Hebron was given to Caleb. The tribe of Benjamin did not drive out the Jebusites but lived alongside them. – Slide 2
Judges 1:27-35 <br/>The tribe of Manasseh did not drive their enemies out of the land God had given them nor did the tribes of Ephraim, Zebulun, Asher and Naphtali. They lived alongside them and adopted their ways. <br/>The Amorites forced the people of Dan into the mountain and would not let them into the valley. – Slide 3
Judges 2:1-5 <br/>An Angel of the Lord announced God’s message. ‘I brought you out of Egypt to this land I promised you. But you have not obeyed and destroyed the altars to false gods. So I will not drive out your enemies and they will be like thorns in your side.’ <br/>The people wept when they heard this. They named the place Bochim (a place west of the river Jordan meaning ‘weepers’) and sacrificed to God. – Slide 4
Judges 2:11-15 <br/>The Israelites then turned away from God to worship false gods. God’s anger was against them and He delivered them into the hands of their enemies. They were oppressed and greatly distressed. It was the start of an ongoing cycle of disobedience, repentance, God raising a judge to deliver them, followed by disobedience once more. – Slide 5
Judges 3:1-6 <br/>The Israelites had not driven out the Canaanites and other tribes who wor-shipped false gods. They lived alongside them and intermarried with them. They also worshipped their false gods. – Slide 6
Judges 3:7-11 <br/>God’s anger was against the Israelites and they were oppressed by Chu-shanrishathaim, King of Mesopotamia and forced to serve him for eight years. <br/>When the Isrealites called out to God He raised up a deliverer, Othniel. The Spir-it of God came on Othniel and he led them into battle against Chushanrishathaim and defeated him. They enjoyed a period of peace for 40 years under Othniel. – Slide 7
Judges 3:12-17 <br/>After Othniel died, once more the Israelites turned away from God. As a result they were oppressed and enslaved by Eglon, King of Moab for 18 years. <br/>When the Israelites repented and cried out to God for help He provided another deliver, a left-handed man called Ehud. <br/>Ehud went to Eglon with a present but concealed a dagger under his garment strapped to his right thigh. – Slide 8
Judges 3:17-25 <br/>Ehud told Eglon he had a secret to share with him so Eglon dismissed all those around him. Once alone with the very overweight King Eglon, Ehud drew his dagger and stabbed him in the belly so deeply that the dagger disappeared. Ehud them made his escape. – Slide 9
Judges 3:26-30 <br/>Ehud then blew a trumpet on the mountain of Ephraim to summon the Israelites. They attacked and pursued the Midianites. They posted men at every crossing on The river Jordan to make sure none of the enemy escaped. <br/>The Israelites then enjoyed 40 years of peace. – Slide 10
Judges 4:1-3 <br/>Once more the Israelites turned away from God to live in disobedience. As a result, they became enslaved by Jabin, King of Canaan for 20 years. His army general Sisera had 900 chariots of iron. – Slide 11
Judges 4:4-9 <br/>Deborah became the judge of Israel and held meetings under a palm tree between Ramah and Bethel. She sent for Barak and told him, ‘Gather an army of 10,000 at Mount Tabor and God will give you victory over Sisera and his chariots.’ <br/>Barak would only take on this challenge if Deborah went with him and she agreed to do that. – Slide 12
Judges 4:12-16 <br/>Barak’s army gathered on Mount Tabor and the army of Sira came out the meet them by the River Kishon. <br/>God sent a mighty storm which bogged down the heavy iron chariots. With God’s help Barak and the Israelites won the battle. – Slide 13
Judges 4:17-23 <br/>Sisera fled and took refuge in a tent belonging to Heber the Kenite. While he slept, a woman called Jael killed him by hammering a tent peg through his head. – Slide 14
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