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John baptises Jesus

Jesus visits John the Baptist by the River Jordan.
Story also available on our translated website: Spanish
Why are all these people … – Slide 1
… gathering at the river? – Slide 2
John: ‘Prepare yourselves! God will do something new! – Slide 3
John: ‘Start a new life! You can’t escape God. – Slide 4
John: ‘His axe of judgment is already at the root of the trees. Every tree which does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.’ – Slide 5
Jewish leaders: ‘Listen to that. Are we not good enough?’ <br/>John: ‘No one can escape God’s judgment. But after me, someone is coming who can change you from the inside out. He shall save you. – Slide 6
John: ‘Do you really want your life to be different? Come into this water to be baptised.’ – Slide 7
John: ‘Now you are cleansed from your sins to start a new life.’ – Slide 8
Everyone calls the preacher at the river John the Baptist… <br/>John: ‘It’s not about me. I’m preparing you for someone else. He will show us what God wants. He will baptise you in the fire of God’s spirit. That will completely change you. – Slide 9
And then Jesus comes to John. – Slide 10
John: 'I… I should be baptised by you!' – Slide 11
Jesus: ‘Baptise me. Then we’ll be doing what God wants. <br/>‘Father, that your Kingdom come and your will be done!’ – Slide 12
Suddenly, a voice from heaven says… <br/>‘Yes! You are my beloved Son! I love you and am pleased with you.’ – Slide 13
Slide 14