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Jesus at a wedding in Cana

Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding in Cana.
Contributed by Sue Bentley
Story also available on our translated website: Hindi
One day Jesus, His mother and His disciples were invited to a wedding in a place called Cana in Galilee. It was very exciting watching the bride and groom marry. Everyone was very happy for them both. – Slide 1
Jesus and all the wedding guests congratulated the married couple. Now the wedding ceremony was over it was time to have a big party. – Slide 2
Everyone began to celebrate and sing and enjoy this wonderful and special time with the man and woman who had become husband and wife. – Slide 3
Then it was time to sit down and eat delicious food and drink. Some of the grown ups drank wine. The children ran and played and laughed all day. – Slide 4
Jesus’ mother Mary noticed that the servants who looked after the guests were very upset. She heard them say that there was no more wine for everyone to drink. The husband and wife were very worried. How could they get more wine? – Slide 5
Mary had an idea. She went to Jesus and asked him to help. Jesus looked at His mother. ‘It is not time to start my miracles yet,’ He replied. His mother smiled and told the servants to do whatever Jesus said. She knew Jesus would help because He loved people. – Slide 6
Jesus saw that there were six big water jars in the house. ‘Fill them with water then take some of the water to the head man who looks after all the guests and let him taste it.’So the servants did as Jesus commanded. – Slide 7
As the head man began to drink the water it became wine and it was delicious! The man told the bride and groom that he really liked their wine and it tasted the very best of all. They were so happy! Jesus had begun His miracles! – Slide 8
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