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Jesus feeds the 5,000

A young lad gives five loaves and two fish to Jesus.
Contributed by YoMinistry
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Jesus ministered to many people around the Sea of Galilee. Thousands of people followed Him hoping to be healed, hoping to see a miracle, and hoping to hear His wonderful words of light and hope in a dark world. – Slide 1
One lad heard about Jesus and wanted to go along with the crowd and see Jesus for himself. Unlike most of the people, this lad brought some food. It may have been his mother who prepared a lunch for him. – Slide 2
Jesus went up a mountain and sat down with His disciples. The Sea of Galilee was in the distance and around them were 5000 men plus women or children. Everyone wondered what Jesus would do next. – Slide 3
As the crowds were so large everyone struggled to get a good view of Jesus. With this in mind the lad may have climbed up a tree to see what was going on. Maybe one of Jesus’ disciples, Andrew, helped him. – Slide 4
It was beginning to get late in the day and the lad was getting hungry. He wasn’t the only one. Many people were getting hungry. The young lad had brought food but those in the crowd had not. – Slide 5
Jesus asked one of His disciples, Philip, where they could buy bread for all these hungry people. Bewildered with the question Philip answered that it was impossible to get food anywhere to feed so many people. – Slide 6
Another disciple, Andrew, heard the question Jesus asked Philip.  He told Jesus that he knew a lad who had a lunch of five barley loaves and two fish. But, how could that be helpful? Jesus asked Philip to get the lunch and the disciples were told to get everyone sitting down. – Slide 7
Can you imagine what it was like to ask for this lad’s food? The Bible does not tell us he was angry. It doesn’t tell us that he was paid for it. We can assume that he was willing to give it because Jesus asked for it. – Slide 8
When Jesus got the food from the lad the first thing He did was break it and pray, giving thanks to God for it. Then the disciples passed it around to all the people and they ate all they wanted until they were full. – Slide 9
Then Jesus told them, ‘Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be lost.’ Twelve baskets were filled with the leftover fragments. God provided food for everyone. Jesus used a willing boy’s gift to bless thousands. – Slide 10
The Passover (a celebration of God’s provisions) was near. The Passover also reminds people that God provided food for them in the wilderness too. God had shown His power to provide for these people too and used the lunch of a young lad to do it. – Slide 11
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