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Jesus died for sinners

Jesus is betrayed, faces injustice and is crucified.
Contributed by YoMinistry
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Jesus travels to Jerusalem with His disciples to celebrate the Passover. Jesus’ disciples are worried about being in Jerusalem because they know that some of the Jewish religious leaders want to put Jesus to death. (Matthew 26:3-4). Note: The maps portray possible locations. – Slide 1
Although Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, the Romans rule Israel. The Passover has brought crowds of visitors to Jerusalem. Jesus tells the disciples to find a man carrying a water jug who will lead them to where they will have the Passover meal. (Mark 14:12-16) – Slide 2
Night comes as Jesus and His disciples begin the Passover meal in the upper room. Jesus will teach His disciples many important things. Jesus does not want it to be interrupted by the men who hate Him so it was at a secret place that even today we are not sure of it’s location. – Slide 3
During the Passover meal Jesus revealed that one of them would betray Him. Jesus gave a sign that it was Judas Iscariot. Then Satan entered Judas. Jesus said to Judas, ‘What you do, do quickly.’ Immediately Judas left Jesus and the disciples. (John 13:27) – Slide 4
During the Passover meal Jesus prayed with His disciples. He taught them of His approaching death. He encouraged them and gave them the last supper (Matthew 26:26-29). Jesus commanded them to love one another as He loved them. (John 13:34) – Slide 5
After the Passover meal Jesus went to the Mount of Olives with His disciples. Meanwhile, Judas betrayed Jesus and told the priests that Jesus would be at the Mount of Olives. They organized some soldiers with Judas and sent them out to capture Jesus. (John 18:1-11) – Slide 6
At the Mount of Olives, Jesus asked His disciples to watch as He prayed. Jesus foreknew the suffering that He would go through. Courageously Jesus prayed for God’s will to be done. Then the soldiers came with a mob and captured Jesus. In fear, the disciples fled. (Luke 22:39-53) – Slide 7
The soldiers brought Jesus to the High Priest Annas’ home. Annas questioned Jesus then his officer struck Jesus. Meanwhile in the courtyard, Peter denied Jesus 3 times. Afterwards Annas sent Jesus to Caiaphas the high priest. (John18:12-27) – Slide 8
As day was breaking Jesus was taken to the High Council chamber (possibly in the temple grounds). Caiaphas (Annas’ son in law) the high priest, chief priests and scribes met in the chamber to scrutinize Jesus. (Luke 22:66-71) – Slide 9
Caiaphas and religious leaders kept trying to obtain false testimony against Jesus, so they could put Jesus to death. They found Him guilty of blasphemy. The Jewish law’s penalty for blasphemy is death. (Matthew 26:57-68) – Slide 10
Only the Romans could put Jesus to death. So the soldiers and priests took Jesus to the Roman ruler called Pilate. Pilate was visiting Jerusalem from Caesarea and staying in the Praetorium (the old palace of the once ruler, Herod the Great). – Slide 11
The Jews brought Jesus to Pilate hoping that he would follow through with their plan to put Jesus to death. The Jews, in order to deceive Pilate and make Jesus out to be a traitor, lied to Pilate. Pilate could find no guilt in Jesus. (Luke 23:1-7) – Slide 12
When Pilate learned that ‘Herod the Tetrarch’, (Herod The Great’s son) governor over the Galilee area, was in Jerusalem, Pilate had the soldiers take Jesus to Him. Pilate was hoping Herod the Tetrarch would take care of this matter for him. (Luke 23:6-7) – Slide 13
Herod was glad to see Jesus because he had heard of Jesus’ miracles. He was hoping that Jesus would preform a miracle for him. Jesus knew Herod’s wicked heart and would not perform a miracle for him. So Herod mocked Jesus and gave Him a purple robe. (Luke 23:8-11) – Slide 14
After Herod was done mocking Jesus He sent Jesus back to Pilate at the Praetorium. Now before this time Pilate and Herod were enemies; now they suddenly became friends. (Luke 23:11-12) – Slide 15
Pilate asked the Jews what Jesus did wrong. They said Jesus was an evildoer. It was the Roman custom to release one prisoner during the Passover. The crowd shouted to Pilate for the release of Barabbas instead of Jesus. (John 18:29-40) – Slide 16
Pilate gave Jesus over to the soldiers. The soldiers took Jesus aside and scourged Him. They twisted together a crown of thorns and put the purple robe on Him. They yelled, ‘Hail, King of the Jews’ and slapped Him in the face. (John 19:1-3) – Slide 17
Once more Pilate presented Jesus to the crowd. Pilate said, ‘Behold, the Man.’ When they saw Jesus they cried, ‘Crucify, crucify!’ Pilate gave in to the will of the people and gave them permission to crucify Jesus. (John 19:4-16) – Slide 18
They took Jesus bearing His own cross outside the city to the place called Place of a Skull (Golgotha). Along with Jesus two prisoners were to be crucified at the same time. (John 19:17) – Slide 19
The cross was dropped on the ground. They placed Jesus down on the cross and nailed His hands and feet to it. They did not break Jesus’ bones. Pilate placed a sign over Jesus saying ‘Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews’. (John 19:16-37) – Slide 20
The soldiers took Jesus’ clothes and cast lots for them. People mocked Jesus saying, ‘He saved others; let Him save Himself...’. The land became dark. <br/>Jesus said, ‘Father, into Your hands, I commit My Spirit.’ <br/>The centurion said, ‘Certainly this man was innocent.’ (Luke:23:33-49) – Slide 21
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