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Paul in bondage

Paul becomes a prisoner in Caesarea before going to Rome.
Contributed by YO! Ministry
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After preaching the Gospel in many areas of Macedonia and present day Greece, Paul sailed back to Israel. Sailing past Cyprus, he made his first stop in Tyre, next was Ptolemais, and then Caesarea. Acts 21:1-7 – Slide 1
In Caesarea, the prophet Agabus came to Paul. Agabus took Paul’s belt and bound his own feet and hands. Then Agabus said that the Jews in Jerusalem would do this to Paul and deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles. Acts 21:8-11 – Slide 2
Paul did not let fear of prison or beatings keep him from sharing the Gospel. He went directly to Jerusalem and then right into the most sacred Jewish meeting place of all, the temple grounds. Acts 21:26 – Slide 3
When some Jews recognized Paul in the temple grounds they were furious. They stirred up a mob by telling people lies that Paul taught rebellion against the Jews and the laws given by Moses. Acts 21:27-29 – Slide 4
The mob dragged Paul out of the temple grounds and proceeded to try to kill him. This was reported to the Roman cohort. Many in Jerusalem were upset. The soldiers quickly ran to rescue Paul and take him away. Acts 21:30-32 – Slide 5
According to the Roman officials Paul was to blame for the disturbance in the temple grounds. They allowed Paul to speak to the Jews in defence but this did not help. It only made them yell for Paul to be killed. Acts 22-23 – Slide 6
To protect Paul the Romans took him to the barracks. That night the Lord stood at Paul’s side and said ‘Take courage for as you have solemnly witnessed to My cause at Jerusalem, so you must witness at Rome also.’ Acts 23:11 – Slide 7
The next day 40 Jews gathered. Together they took an oath that they would neither eat nor drink until they had killed Paul. Unknown to them a young man heard about the evil plan. This young man was Paul’s nephew. Acts 23:12-15 – Slide 8
The young man quickly told his mother and she sent him to Paul. When Paul heard about the evil plot he sent the young man to the Roman commander. The commander quickly made plans to save Paul from this conspiracy. Acts 23:16-22 – Slide 9
The Roman commander secretly gathered two hundred soldiers and took Paul out of Jerusalem at night. They traveled from the hill country of Jerusalem down by the sea to the Roman city of Caesarea. Acts 23:35 – Slide 10
In Caesarea Paul was held as a prisoner until he could face trial. There were many days that Paul spent in prison and his friends came to visit him. One trial after another did not seem to resolve Paul’s case. Acts 23-25:22 – Slide 11
Finally the day came when King Agrippa came with his wife Bernice with great pomp. Now Paul was given a chance to share his testimony with the king and a large audience. King Agrippa almost believed the Gospel. Acts 25-26:28 – Slide 12
After Paul’s defence the king, Bernice and the governor went aside. They agreed that Paul was doing nothing worthy of death, but Paul appealed to Caesar so according to the law he must go to Rome. Acts 26:30-32 – Slide 13
Just as Jesus said, Paul was going to Rome to witness for Jesus just as strongly and boldly as he did in Jerusalem and Caesarea. And during the trip Paul was going to boldly witness to the men on the ship. – Slide 14
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