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Jesus heals a Roman Centurion's servant

The Centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant.
Contributed by LUMO project
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Jesus went into the town of Capernaum. – Slide 1
The Roman Centurion who commanded troops in a garrison near Capernaum had a servant who was ill and dying. – Slide 2
The Centurion had built the synagogue in Capernaum for the local Jews. He knew about Jesus and believed He could heal his servant. So he sent the Jewish leaders to ask Him. – Slide 3
They begged Jesus to come, ‘This man really deserves your help. He loves our people and he himself built a synagogue for us.’ Jesus set off for the Centurion house. Most Jews did not normally go to the houses of those who were not Jews or have anything to do with the Romans who occupied their land. – Slide 4
Jesus was not far from the Centurion’s house when the officer sent friends with a message. ‘Sir, don’t trouble yourself. I do not deserve to have you come into my house. – Slide 5
‘Neither do I consider myself worthy to come to you in person. Just give the order, and my servant will get well. – Slide 6
‘I, too, am a man placed under the authority of superior officers, and I have soldiers under me. I order this one, “Go!” and he goes – Slide 7
Jesus was impressed. – Slide 8
He turned around and said to the crowd following Him … – Slide 9
‘I tell you, I have never found faith like this in all of Israel!’ – Slide 10
At that moment the Roman Centurion’s servant was healed … – Slide 11
Slide 12
Slide 13
Slide 14
And when the messengers retuned to the Centurion’s home, the servant was completely well. – Slide 15
Slide 16