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Persistent Widow

A widow persists in trying to get justice from an unjust judge.
Contributed by FreeBibleimages
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Luke 8:2 Judge sitting by city gate hearing a case brought to him. He does not fear God, stand up for justice, or care what people think. Some judges took bribes. – Slide 1
A widow, who has been unfairly treated by someone after her husband died, asks the judge to help her. – Slide 2
Luke 8:4 The judge doesn’t care about the widow or that she is being treated unfairly and refuses to listen. – Slide 3
But the widow will not give up that easily and the next time the judge is by the city gate ... she is back. – Slide 4
Again the judge has no time for her or seeing that she is treated fairly. – Slide 5
And he sends her away. – Slide 6
But the widow refuses to give up. And the next time the judge is working she is back to pester him for justice. – Slide 7
She tries to explain how unfairly she has been treated. – Slide 8
But the judge has no time for the poor widow. – Slide 9
The widow refuses to give up and the next time the judge is sitting ... she is back again. – Slide 10
She keeps pestering him ... and the judge becomes afraid she will attack him. – Slide 11
Luke 18:5 The judge realises he will not get any peace until he listens to her and acts. – Slide 12
She tells him how a person has treated her unfairly. – Slide 13
And the Judge agrees to sort out the problem so that she gets justice. – Slide 14
The widow celebrates that her pestering has brought her a fair hearing. – Slide 15
Slide 16